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Grid Connect Power

Grid Connect Solar is arguably the simplest way to invest in solar energy and gain some immediate savings.

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity which is fed into an inverter. The inverter converts the panel's energy (called DC) into household energy (called AC).  Any energy used within the home firstly comes from the solar system (reducing your energy bill), and any surplus energy exports out through the meter (earning you credit).  At night or times when energy consumption is higher than the system's production you simply buy the extra energy you need from the grid as normal.

The amount of energy produced can vary immensely from one system to another due to variances in component quality, design suitability and installation standards being employed.  In fact, similarly sized systems may generate as much as 20-30% different.   It is therefore critical to know how much a system will generate for you. The annual energy production a particular system is going to generate should be written on any quotation you receive.    

We have access to a range of supply partners who have earned strong reputations for reliability, performance and back up service.  We choose companies who have been manufacturing solar equipment for many years. With this in mind allow us to advise and recommend the ideal product combinations for your situation. We want to ensure you get the best value for money and that your system meets your expectations for years to come.  

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Off Grid Power / Stand Alone Power

When the electricity grid is too expensive to connect or you prefer to be totally independent from power bills, an off-grid system might be for you.

Off-grid or Stand-Alone Power includes a range of high-tech equipment to provide you with a seamless energy supply of similar or better quality than the grid. The components within an Off-Grid system generally include solar panels, Interactive Inverter / Charger, Batteries, Solar inverter & a genset for back up.

We custom design each system to the exact requirements of the owner. A thorough assessment of loads (consumption) is the first and most critical stage of system design. It is important to consider more than just the electricity supply - water heating, space heating, ventilation, even the choice of home construction materials will affect the long term energy needs of the occupants and therefore the system parameters. Generic off the shelf kits are built without consideration of indiviual circumstances and often do not perform as expected.  It pays to check the credientials of the person & company you are dealing with.

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Energy Monitoring & Management

An important part of any energy efficiency upgrade to your home is the identification of energy wastage and inefficiencies. Only then can you gain the absolute maximum benefit from your solar system.

Smart Meters

Many inverter manufacturers now include the option of monitoring your system. For solar generation this has been around for a while now, however monitoring energy usage is relatively new and it creates a fantastic window into your energy usage habits. This helps you to manage your loads and obtain the best outcome from your solar system.

If you are thinking about energy storage in the future, a smart meter logs all the energy flows to provide accurate historical information needed to size the battery appropriately.

Click here to view the energy generation and consumption from the smart meter in our own home

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