Inverter Repair

Has your inverter stopped working? We can service, repair or replace all brands & models of inverters.

Upgrading your dead inverter to the latest & greatest might sound like a great idea, however changing topology (internal inverter technology) will also require upgrading the installation standard of your system to current standards.
For older systems, your inverter topology is most likely Transformer based. We can simply swap out your old unit with a new transformer based inverter without having to upgrade the installation to be compliant.

We understand your need for rapid deployment to get your system producing!  

Please contact us for assistance.  



System Upgrades

Sometimes systems have been installed that are either inappropriately sized by inexperienced operators, don’t perform as expected or the components used were low quality and unreliable. Dissapointingly there are many systems installed around South Australia where this is the case.

We have been helping people for many years who find themselves in these situations.  Just as we have built many quality systems over the years, so can we inspect, test and make recommendations to improve your system so that it is performing at its best.  Where possible we prefer to utilize existing components, rather than discarding and starting over.  However, sometimes a complete upgrade is the only answer. 

Please contact us to discuss options available for you.


System Service

Did you know that you should have your solar system inspected and serviced? This should be done at very least every 5 years (it's even mentioned in your SAPN SEG connection aggrement).
We can provide such service and provide written feedback of any deterioration or loss of performance.

We can also arrange panel cleaning too.